New Hampshire Restaurant Refrigeration Services

Do you need to set up commercial food prep stations? Call your New Hampshire restaurant refrigeration experts for help installing or maintaining food prep stations, undercounter coolers, bottle coolers, and chef base refrigerators. Contact us today at (603) 674-9885 for immediate service.

Additional Services in Manchester NH

The refrigeration units in food establishments vary based on need. You may need a walk-in cooler to house meats and cheese while other establishments only require small coolers for wine and alcohol. Whether you need a food prep station, undercounter cooler, bottle cooler, or chef base refrigerator, we can help you set up each unit and maintain it on a regular basis. Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. is your New Hampshire restaurant refrigeration expert providing same-day or next-day service at upfront rates.

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Looking for Bottle and Undercounter Cooler Services?

Restaurant coolers are under heavy use every day in busy establishments. There are many times when the doors will be left open, and the units will lose their efficiency. As a result, your coolers may need regular service and maintenance.

Do you have an undercounter cooler or bottle cooler that needs professional repair or maintenance? These convenient appliances for bars and smaller restaurants can develop problems over time. The cooler’s door may be left open during busier times of the day, causing the unit to lose refrigerant. If the unit is constantly jostled, it will also break down internally.

You can count on your Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. technician to get your undercounter or bottle cooler back in top shape for the busiest hours. If we determine that a replacement will be more cost-effective for you over the long run, we will help find and set up the ideal unit for you.

Need to Repair or Replace Your Food Prep Station?

A cooled food prep station in a restaurant should be treated just like the refrigerator and freezer. Keeping the doors closed and not overstocking the unit will help with maintenance. Be on the lookout for problems before they turn into costly repairs or replacements. If service is needed, we will inspect the unit and carry out the proper repair.

What Are Common Problems with Restaurant Refrigeration Units?

As a restaurant manager or owner, you will want to be aware of the problem signs when it comes to your cooling units. Contact us for immediate help if you notice the following:

  • Frequent breakdowns: If your unit is frequently breaking down or producing inconsistent temperatures, we may recommend a replacement.
  • Inefficiency: If the unit is constantly running, it has failed to meet normal cooling requirements. A unit that runs nonstop will suffer from a breakdown more quickly, requiring replacement.
  • Deterioration: Damage can occur over time. Cracks can develop, exposing the foam insulation and resulting in escaped cool air. This leads to higher energy bills and an inefficient unit.
  • Faulty doors: Is your unit’s door failing to close properly? The gaskets are vulnerable to wearing out much more quickly.

Call for professional help to keep your commercial cooling units in top condition. Contact Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. at (603) 674-9885 for cost-effective solutions and superior customer service.