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Boilers Services in Manchester NH

Many homeowners are turning to alternative heating methods to save on their energy bills. Installing a boiler to replace an inefficient furnace is a great way to improve the heating efficiency in your home. Look to your Manchester boiler repair and installation experts at Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. You can count on honest, upfront rates so there are no surprises.

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What Can Regular Maintenance Do for Your Boiler?

Like most appliances in your home, your boiler needs regular maintenance to keep it running safely and efficiently. What are the benefits of routine maintenance on your boiler? To begin with, regular maintenance can save you money on your monthly utility bills by making your boiler more efficient. Maintenance can also prevent a deadly carbon monoxide (CO) leak from occurring in your home. In large amounts, CO can be deadly. Even in small amounts, it can cause flu-like symptoms.

Annual maintenance also gives your HVAC technician the chance to spot potential issues with your boiler early on, before they become costly or dangerous. Call Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. today to have your boiler serviced by a trusted HVAC professional.

What Are Signs You Need Boiler Repair or Installation?

Whether you have a gas or oil-fired boiler, we can help with repairs. Here are just some of the signs that boiler installation or repair is needed:

  • Leaking: If you have a gas boiler, the leaking fumes can be harmful to breathe. Sometimes leaks can be repaired, but a boiler that is constantly leaking will need to be replaced.
  • Odd sounds: Do you hear unusual sounds coming from your boiler? Iron deposits can build up inside the unit and produce clanking or pinging sounds.
  • Rust and scale buildup: Rust and scale buildup are often irreversible, making a new installation the more cost-effective option.

If a replacement is the best option, one of our expert technicians will help you choose the right boiler for your needs. We will recommend the ideal high-efficiency unit to help you save on your energy bill and annual maintenance checks to ensure that your boiler is running properly.

Why Choose a Propane Boiler?

If you are in need of a new boiler, you may be wondering what kind of boiler would be best. One popular option for fueling your boiler is propane because it has many advantages, including:

  • Propane boilers are extremely efficient. In fact, they can operate as high as 95% efficiency, compared to the 85% efficiency (at best) of oil boilers.
  • Propane doesn't require a chimney for exhaust like oil burners and furnaces do. The exhaust from a propane boiler can vent through PVC pipe in the wall.
  • Propane is non-toxic, so it doesn't harm soil or water. Propane is also listed as an approved clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992.
  • 85% of the propane in the United States is domestically produced, so using propane supports American jobs.
  • Propane is more reliable than electricity. If the power goes out in your home in the middle of winter, your boiler will continue to warm the house.

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