New Hampshire Make-Up Air Unit Repair & Replacement

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Make-Up Air Units Services in Manchester NH

Commercial buildings with specific HVAC needs require optimal heating and cooling units to accommodate their customers. This is why the make-up air unit is a crucial addition to buildings where interior air cannot be recirculated, or if your current HVAC system cannot transition outside air into your building. Contact your New Hampshire make-up air unit experts for installation and repair.

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When Is It Necessary to Install a Make-Up Air Unit?

Make-up air units use 100% outdoor air, rather than recirculated air from indoors. They are necessary when fresh air cannot be introduced by traditional units.

Most make-up air units are found in apartment buildings as well as commercial properties where harmful fumes or chemicals cannot be recirculated (such as hospitals, restaurants, painting studios, and factories).

By using fresh outdoor air, health hazards are significantly reduced. In certain manufacturing and production businesses, this is actually required as a building code. If you are unsure what is required of your business, contact us for an evaluation. We will help you install a make-up air unit or another efficient HVAC application to meet your needs.

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If you are experiencing problems with your make-up air unit, contact us for immediate repair. Common problems include blower malfunction, lack of heat, and a faulty burner.

We work with all makes and models. If you need answers to your make-up air unit problems, you can count on your Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. technician for the right solution.


Make-up air units provide 100% fresh air to your building, guaranteeing a cleaner indoor environment. Get in touch today for professional repair and replacement services. No hidden costs when you call (603) 674-9885.