Manchester Cooler Door Repair

Work with the experts in commercial cooler services. We offer professional cooler door repair in Manchester and surrounding areas in New Hampshire. Call (603) 674-9885 to request your appointment.


Do you have a trusted cooler repair expert? Whether you are in retail or food service, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable and efficient walk-in cooler or freezer - both to minimize energy costs and stay in good standing with health inspectors.

Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. provides specialized Manchester, NH cooler door repair services. We help with all cooler door issues: heater wire replacement, latch repair, gasket replacement, sealing, and more.

Get FAST Cooler Door Repair

Problems with your cooler lead to spoiled food, code compliance issues, and waste of energy. Don’t hesitate to get your cooler door repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

If you have a cooler door that is faulty or not closing properly, you face the following refrigeration issues:

  • Inefficient cooling/lack of cooling
  • Leaking or “sweating” around the door
  • Water drops forming inside cooler
  • Frost forming around evaporator coil (blocks airflow)
  • Ice forming around the cooler door

Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. has a team of commercial cooler specialists ready to be dispatched to your business. Give us a call now to discuss your issue and we will schedule an immediate appointment to inspect the problem and get a solution underway.

Our Cooler Door Services

We offer a range of cooler door repair solutions. Take a look at what we can do for you:

Heater Wire Replacement

Most commercial coolers and freezers feature a heating element around the door frame. These heater wires work around the clock and can wear out over time. Once the heater wires stop working efficiently, you will start to notice frost build-up on the door frame; this makes it difficult to fully close the door.

Our team will conduct an inspection of the heater wire track to figure out the problem. In most cases it is necessary to replace the wire to help the appliance achieve full efficiency once more.

Latches and Door Closers

Make sure your cooler door stays properly shut with professional repairs and replacements for hinges, latches, and door closers. We can help you choose the type of product that best fits your needs: self-closing latches, padlock features, bend resistance, etc.

Door gasket replacement

Have a leaking gasket? This opens up risk of bacterial growth, higher energy bills, and faulty temperature levels - not what you want health inspectors to see. As part of our cooler door repair services we offer fast, quality gasket/seal replacements using top of the line products.

We provide a full range of cooler door repairs. Just let us know your situation and we will work out the most cost-effective solution for you.

Get uninterrupted cooler service with professional Manchester cooler door repair. Call Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. at (603) 674-9885 to learn more about your repair options today.