Manchester Air Handler Replacement

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Air Handler Services in Manchester NH

Air handlers, also known as air handler units, are machines that circulate and regulate air as part of your heating, cooling, and ventilation system. If you need to replace your current unit, get in touch with your Manchester air handler replacement contractors for immediate service.

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What Causes the Air Handler to Break Down?

To prevent problems with your air conditioner, it is important to maintain a clean and efficient air handling unit. But what if issues occur? There are four common problems that can affect air handlers.

  • Burnt out blower motor: This is often caused by a dirty motor. Once enough dust or debris has built up in or around the motor, it will struggle to work efficiently and break.
  • Clogged air filters: Dirty air filters can prevent normal airflow. There are two filters: a primary panel filter (which often becomes clogged) and a bag filter (which is protected by the panel).
  • Dirty cooling coils: This is caused by dusty or clogged air filters. As the coils build up dust and dirt, they can no longer cool efficiently. This will lead your air conditioner to stop working.
  • Faulty fan belts: The fan belts in your air conditioner can crack or dislodge from the track, which will result in severe damage to the air handler.

How Can You Prevent These Problems?

Regular maintenance and timely product replacement can help you avoid air handler issues. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioner to not only inspect the air handler, but also to make sure your entire cooling system is working efficiently.

During routine maintenance, we will also check your fan belt for unusual sounds, dryness, or cracking. We will inspect the coils for dust and debris, and clean them to keep your air conditioner working at its best.

Make sure air filters are replaced every 1-3 months to help prevent dust and debris from building up in the system. If the panel filter becomes dirty and is not changed, it will cause further damage to the more costly bag filter.

Maintaining a clean air handler unit with up-to-date parts is vital to the unit's longevity. Diligent care will ensure that your air conditioner enjoys a long and productive lifespan. This means greater home comfort for you and your family.

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