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From yield to accessories to design, ice machines are more than a simple addition to your commercial kitchen or store. If you are looking for the ideal machine or need to have your current unit repaired, we can help. Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. is your New Hampshire ice machine repair, installation, and maintenance team. Whether you need to repair or set up a Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, or Scotsman ice machine, we can help.

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What Size Ice Machine Should You Get?

Looking to install a new ice machine for your business? Contact us and we will recommend the right unit that is best for your customers' needs and your budget. Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel, or other commercial property, we will help you install the ideal ice machine to match your business needs. We work with all makes and models.

You will need to determine the yield of ice necessary to run your business effectively. Since commercial ice machines measure in 24-hour periods, calculate what you need based on an average business day. Know how many people need to be served, each area where the ice will be used, and the texture of ice you need. The kind of ice machine you set up will also depend on the demand during peak hours and where the machine will be placed.

Add an additional 10-20 percent production to account for busy days as well as growth. This will also determine the size of the storage bin you will need to hold the ice cubes.

What Accessories Do You Need?

You can opt for water filtration systems to add to the ice machine. This will keep the ice tasting fresh for customers. It will also provide a system that filters out harmful substances in the water, keeping your machine cleaner for longer.

Remote condensing units allow the noisy part of the machine to be placed further away from populated areas where you want to keep the noise level low. Storage bins hold the ice until it is needed.

Dispensers are great for hotels and restaurants where guests can access the machine for small amounts of ice.

No matter your needs, we will help you find the right ice machine with the features that will most benefit you and your business.

What Is the Difference Between Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Machines?

Both air-cooled and water-cooled ice machines are designed to remove heat from the refrigerant, allowing for continuous cooling.

Air-cooled machines involve air that is circulated over the condenser. This type of ice machine is easy to install, budget-friendly, and uses much less water than their water-cooled counterparts (saving you on your utility bills).

Water-cooled machines use water running along the condenser to remove excess heat. They are ideal for hot, humid environments and are far better for areas that have low water utility costs.

What Are Common Problems?

Commercial ice machines often run into problems involving water. You may notice low water flow to the machine. Water can also leak into the machine, causing the ice cubes to become too large to fit through the evaporator.

External factors such as the room temperature being too warm can also affect the efficiency of your ice machine. Higher room temperatures can result in low ice production and force the machine to shut itself down as a safety precaution.

We recommend giving your ice machine a routine check every three months to prevent any future issues.

Any problem is easily repaired with a Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. technician by your side.  We are here to help solve any issues with your ice machine. If the problem is beyond repair, we will recommend replacement units that best suit your needs. One of our experienced technicians will install and set up the new ice machine for you and make sure it is ready to go for your next batch of customers.

With expertise in commercial refrigeration services, we can help you repair, install, and maintain your ice machine. Call us today at (603) 674-9885 for honest, upfront pricing and immediate service.