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Do you have an oil or gas furnace that won’t last through the winter? Get it repaired before the cold weather strikes. Call your Manchester furnace repair and installation experts at (603) 674-9885. Honest, upfront pricing guaranteed.

Furnaces Services in Manchester NH

Are you looking for a Manchester furnace repair and installation technician you can trust? Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. has been setting the standard in high-quality furnace services since 2005. Our loyal customers know that they can depend on us to deliver superior results when it comes to installing, repairing, or maintaining their furnace.

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Looking to Install a Gas or Oil-Fired Furnace?

Natural gas is an affordable heating option for the home. Gas furnaces have few emissions, making them environmentally friendly as well. With a natural gas furnace, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel, as your furnace is always connected to the gas line.

Perhaps you are interested in installing an oil-fired furnace. These units are expected to provide reliable service for 15-20 years.

No matter what kind of furnace you install, issues can develop over time. Common problems include clogged or dirty filters, ignition control problems, poor airflow, and thermostat issues. Let us help you with immediate repairs. Many problems can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Should You Choose a Kerosene or Propane Heater?

No one wants to get stuck without heat when the power goes out during a winter storm. That's why kerosene and propane are both great options for fueling your furnace. But which of these is the best choice?

First off, you should know that kerosene produces significantly more heat than propane does. While fuel prices can fluctuate, kerosene is usually slightly less expensive than propane. These two facts combined make Kerosene a smarter investment. It should be taken into account though that kerosene heaters tend to be more expensive than propane units.

When Should You Call for a Furnace Replacement?

We always do our best to carry out repairs; however, if your furnace is nearing the end of its service life, you may want to consider installing a new unit instead of prolonging the problem with repairs.

Signs a new furnace installation is recommended:

  • Your furnace is frequently breaking down
  • Your energy bills increase, resulting from inefficient heating
  • Unusual sounds coming from your furnace
  • Uneven heating in your home
  • Corrosion in the unit

If you are in the market to install a new furnace, contact us for immediate help. We will recommend the best unit to fit your needs and budget and help you set it up right away. Our technicians always make sure that the installation process complies with local code, so you never have to worry about unexpected problems. Enjoy the comfort of your own home with reliable furnace installation services from your Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. technician.

Are You Overdue for Your Annual Furnace Tune-Up?

Like most of the appliances in your home, your furnace needs regular maintenance to keep it running safely and efficiently. Heater maintenance usually includes all the following services:

  • Replacing worn out parts and belts
  • Changing out the filter
  • Checking to make sure that all the inner components are working properly
  • Ensuring that the thermostat is working

It is recommended that you have your furnace inspected and tuned-up every 6 months. If it's been more than a year since your last furnace tune-up, call Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. today!

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important?

Get the most out of your furnace with annual maintenance inspections. Routine inspections will help extend the life of your furnace, as well as help it work more efficiently. In turn, you will save on your heating costs and enjoy a more comfortable home environment. Contact us to schedule a maintenance check before winter arrives.

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Receive quality furnace solutions with no hidden costs. Our team works hard to make sure your heating system is ready for the cold weather ahead. Same-day or next-day service when you call (603) 674-9885.