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Refrigerators Services in Manchester NH

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What Are Common Refrigeration Problems?

Noticing problems with your commercial refrigerator? We will help you solve any issue you are experiencing.

  • Faulty door gasket, which can lead to frost buildup on your shelves or the door failing to close properly
  • Condenser and evaporator fan motor and blade replacement
  • Latch and hinge replacement

It can be difficult to determine how long your commercial unit will last you. Several factors can affect the overall life cycle of your appliance:

  • How often the refrigerator is used
  • The brand and model installed
  • How well the unit is maintained

Making sure your commercial unit receives routine maintenance can go a long way in preventing common problems and identifying them before they become major issues.

What Are Some Energy Efficient Units?

Refrigerators and other appliances are now more energy efficient than ever. Those featuring greater energy efficient are often made with ECM evaporator and condenser fan motor components, as well as high efficiency compressors and anti-sweat heaters.

Some of the most efficient units can save you anywhere from 35 to 45 percent on your energy bill. While energy efficient refrigerators may cost more upfront, they will help you save more in energy costs down the road.

If you are trying to decide between a regular commercial fridge and an energy efficient unit, we recommend installing an energy efficient one. Newer, more efficient units have been known to use at least 15 percent less energy than is required by current federal standards, and roughly 40 percent less energy than conventional models that were sold back in 2001. Savings on energy costs is money you can direct back into your business.

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