New Hampshire Commercial Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Repair

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Evaporator Coil Services in Manchester NH

Evaporator coils provide a key service to your air conditioning unit. A building full of people will become uncomfortable if the indoor air is suddenly heavier, making it more difficult to breathe after the air conditioner breaks down. Stay ahead of this problem by keeping the evaporator coils well maintained and repaired in a timely manner. For superior results, look to your New Hampshire commercial evaporator coil cleaning and repair team at Skovron Mechanical Services LLC.

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What Are the Benefits of Timely Evaporator Cleaning?

A clean evaporator coil ensures improved cooling efficiency. You also receive the added benefit of reduced energy bills.

Regular air conditioning maintenance that includes evaporator coil cleaning will keep your cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. Preventive maintenance is key to a long lasting and reliable air conditioning unit.

What happens if the evaporator coil is not cleaned? The problem can become much worse than expected. A dirty evaporator coil can reduce your cooling efficiency and raise energy costs. It will also prevent your air conditioner from removing moisture and allergens from your indoor air, so it becomes harder to breathe. Those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems will notice the effects right away and have a difficult time catching their breath.

Cleaning the evaporator coil when necessary is essential to the health of your overall cooling system and your staff.

What Are Common Problems?

The primary problems associated with evaporator coils include freezing and becoming dirty, blocked, or moist. The coils may freeze due to the nature of the job they perform; as they are constantly being cooled with refrigerant, the coil can sometimes completely freeze and prevent the air conditioning unit from functioning properly. This should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the unit from breaking down.

Evaporator coils can also become dirty and ineffective. Moisture may also occur as the cool temperature of the coil meets warm outside temperatures; this can attract substances such as mold, so the coil should be kept as dry as possible.

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