Manchester Heat Pump Repair & Installation

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Heat pumps feature efficient home heating. Is yours failing to provide the comfort you’re looking for? Contact your Manchester heat pump repair and installation contractors. We will help you solve your heating problems and return your home to normal once again.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps direct cool outdoor air away from your home during the winter. This process reverses during the summer as the system pulls heat out of your home. Refrigerant circulates between the indoor and outdoor units, while the heat is released and absorbed while it moves through the loop.

What Are the Benefits?

More and more homeowners are calling to ask about the advantages of heat pumps. These systems offer practical, environmentally friendly benefits. You can enjoy convenient heating and cooling, as well as easy climate control so you can maintain and control your indoor temperature as needed. With just the push of a button, you can enjoy greater heating efficiency. Switch easily from heating to cooling and keep the temperature consistent once the heat pump reaches the desired temperature.

What Are Some Energy Efficient Features?

If you are looking for greater heating efficiency, we will help you find a heat pump that includes some of these features:

  • Dual fuel back-up
  • Programmable setback thermostats
  • Variable speed blowers, motors, and compressors
  • Time delay features
  • Larger coil surface areas
  • Scroll compressors

Your Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. technician has a roster of energy efficient heat pumps ready to recommend for your home. No matter what you are looking for, we can locate the ideal system for your needs and budget. Once you have decided on the right heat pump, leave the rest to us. We will install it for you and make sure it is ready to provide reliable, year-round comfort.

When Is It Time for Repair?

Is your heat pump working at a less than optimal level? Contact us for help if you notice these problems:

  • Air temperature fluctuates from room to room
  • Outdoor unit works, but indoor fan does not
  • Outdoor unit is constantly running
  • Emergency heat fails to work
  • Cool air blows in from vents during the winter
  • Ice forms on the heat pump
  • Outside fan runs but compressor does not work
  • Outside unit hums but fan does not work
  • Circuit breaker trips when heat pump is on
  • Outdoor unit fails to work

No matter the problem, we will identify the source of the issue and repair it to prevent further problems from developing. Contact us today for long term solutions to your toughest heat pump problems.

Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. has been helping your neighbors regain home comfort since 2005. Receive superior heating solutions and call (603) 674-9885 for same-day or next-day heat pump services.