New Hampshire Exhaust Fan Repair & Replacement

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Exhaust Fans Services in Manchester NH

Exhaust fans work to keep air moving in your commercial space. This unit is ideal for keeping workshops, warehouses, factories, and even sheds and silos safer for employees and visitors. If your current unit is experiencing trouble, or if you need to install a new unit, we can help. Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. is your New Hampshire exhaust fan repair and replacement contractor.

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What Are the Benefits of Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans vent out smoke, undesirable odors, particles, contaminants, and moisture. These unwanted pollutants are dispersed outdoors where they become harmless, rather than being trapped in a small space inside your property. Exhaust fans also help reduce humidity and moisture that can cause mold to develop.

If you work in car garages, where potentially hazardous smells can linger, installing an exhaust fan is a must. The fans will direct fumes from varnishes and paints away from your property.

Exhaust fans are also used in hospitals to remove anesthetic gases, and in restaurants to keep the air in the kitchen clean.

Can You Save Energy with This Fan?

Yes. There are new, low energy versions available. These types of exhaust fans use a lower wattage and can help with energy costs. They are also quieter than older models.

Our experienced technicians will help you install a low energy exhaust fan as a replacement, part of a remodel, or during new construction. These new models operate between 13 and 35 watts. Even with lower wattages, energy efficient exhaust fans are capable of moving air more effectively.

What Are Signs It’s Time for Replacement?

Wondering how to tell when it is time to replace your commercial exhaust fan? Our Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. team can help you with this decision. But first, look out for these problem signs:

  • Odd sounds coming from the fan: Clanking noises often indicate problems with the bearings or signal failing or unaligned blades.
  • Failure to work: If the exhaust fan stops working, we will check the switch first to make sure that is not causing the problem. In most cases, the issue will stem from circuit problems.
  • Slow to power up: Do you have an older exhaust fan that is starting to power up slower than normal? Does the fan seem sluggish? These are warning signs that your unit may fail soon.

We recommend a maintenance check up twice a year to ensure that your exhaust fan is working properly.

Whether you need to replace or repair an inefficient exhaust fan, we have the right solution for you.


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