Manchester Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Repair

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Evaporator Coil Services in Manchester NH

The evaporator coil in your air conditioner is responsible for cooling all of the air that enters your home. However, these coils can become dirty or damaged over time, preventing your air conditioner from supplying the cool air you need. Avoid further problems and enlist the help of your Manchester evaporator coil cleaning and repair technician at Skovron Mechanical Services LLC. We will make sure any problems with the coil are completely resolved so you can enjoy a comfortable home environment.

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What Are the Benefits of Timely Evaporator Coil Cleaning?

Keeping the evaporator coil clean will help prevent damage to your overall air conditioning unit. If the coil is not able to cool the air passing through, you will start to feel the effects through reduced air quality in the home and higher energy bills.

What Are Common Problems?

Has the evaporator coil in your air conditioning unit become dirty? Dirty evaporator coils prevent your air conditioner from working efficiently.

Is it developing mold from frequent condensation? As the cool temperature of the coil is met with warm outdoor temperatures, condensation may form and the coil can develop mold problems. As a result, the coil should be kept dry as much as possible.

Has it frozen? If the evaporator coil has frozen, your air conditioning unit will stop working properly and may even break down.

No matter the problem, we will help you solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Can You Avoid Issues in the Future?

To prevent problems with the evaporator coils, we recommend regular air conditioning inspections from your technician. We will carry out a thorough unit evaluation, including checking the evaporator coil for dirt buildup.

A regular air conditioning inspection, ideally before summer begins, will help us catch potential problems with your evaporator coil before further issues develop.

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