Whole House Air Filtration in Manchester

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Did you know that the concentration of indoor air pollutants can be up to five times worse than what’s found outside? Why is that the case? Inadequate ventilation, high indoor humidity, plus the release of various irritants (such as VOCs, cooking oil and tobacco smoke) contribute to poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, Skovron Mechanical Services LLC provides professional air filtration services in Manchester, NH and surrounding areas. You can count on us for:

  • UV air sanitizers
  • HEPA air filters
  • Air purifier filters
  • Whole house air filtration systems
  • Air purifier filters
  • House air filters
  • Whole house filtration
  • Air cleaners
  • Air filtration systems

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How Does an Air Purifier Work?

A lot of the pollutants that find their way into your home go unseen. Spores, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and even viruses can live in your indoor environment and in many cases are circulated by an air system. An air purifier works by pulling in air through an intake before it passes through a filter where the pollutants get caught before it’s released back into the room. By the time the air has circulated several times, most of the contaminants have been removed.

What Are the Signs You Need a Better Air Filtration System?

Here are typical signs that your Manchester home could benefit from an enhanced filtration system.

  • Despite routine cleaning, your house is consistently dusty
  • Someone in your house smokes
  • Strange odors sticking around the house
  • You have pets that shed
  • Your house is stuffy
  • You get headaches, congestion or sneezing when you’re home
  • Someone in your house has allergies or asthma

We also specialize in installing dehumidifiers to improve your indoor air quality.

Are Whole-Home Air Purifiers Worth It?

If you have a portable air purifier, chances are you’ve already asked yourself the question, do I really need a whole-house purifier?

While having a portable device and replacing the filter regularly goes a long way toward improving your indoor air quality, these devices come up short when it comes to comprehensive coverage. A whole house purifier is able to remove smaller particles and odors that would normally escape your regular air filter.

If you don’t have anyone in your household that suffers from respiratory problems or allergies, then a portable unit will suffice. However, if you or other members have respiratory problems or allergies, you should consider contacting Skovron Mechanical Services LLC to install a whole-home purifier.

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