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What to Know About UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality is such an important thing to maintain that there is an entire industry based around reducing the number of impurities in the air. In this case, UV air sanitizers and air purifiers are two powerful methods of removing impurities from the air. The great thing about devices like air purifiers and UV air sanitizers is that they don’t require a lot of attention. Granted they still need maintenance, to ensure they continue to work efficiently, but if homeowners keep up on it, they could easily enjoy clean air for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about UV air sanitizers and air purifiers and their benefits.

General Information About UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

Most of the time when people hear the term “air sanitizer” it makes them think of Lysol or Febreeze or something of that nature. However, this is a different type of air sanitizer. A UV air sanitizer uses a UV light inside the return of the HVAC system to burn away any impurities in the home.

An air purifier, on the other hand, is a separate unit that homeowners can move from room to room. Inside this unit is a filter that has to be changed every so often. The filter works to remove the impurities from the air that has already made it into the home. The air is forced in through the filter where it’s cleaned and then cycled back out into the room once more.

The Benefits of UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

Before anyone can make a definite decision on which appliance is best for their home, here are some of the benefits of each. Sometimes it is necessary to buy both, but at the end of the day if the air quality isn’t the best, homeowners should at least buy one or the other.

Some of the benefits of air purifiers include:

  • Reduces the triggers of asthma attacks
  • Removes the impurities from cigarette smoke
  • Eliminates allergens in the air
  • Removes airborne asbestos particles

Some of the benefits of UV air sanitizers include:

  • Doesn’t require as much maintenance
  • The light is highly effective at killing common germs
  • Eliminates odors from the air
  • Burns away 98% of airborne pathogens
  • Reduces growth of bacteria and fungi in the home and air


Why Do Homeowners Need One?

The moment they have a UV air sanitizer or an air purifier installed in the home, homeowners will likely immediately notice a difference. Most people find that they can instantly breathe better once the two are installed. Nonetheless, UV air sanitizers and air purifiers are great in any home because they not only keep the air clean, but they can help keep the rest of the home clean. They remove dust particles from the air which also keeps them from falling onto furniture and throughout the home.

No matter which option a homeowner chooses, the most important factor in any air quality decision is hiring a reliable technician to complete the installation. This ensures everything is working at its best.

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