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New Homeowners Should Follow These Tips and Tricks to Avoid Unexpected Problems With The Home

New Homeowners

It is assumed that if you are a new homeowner that you have already had an official inspection, but that does not mean that your work is done when it comes to general home maintenance. It is what is beneath the floorboard and behind the walls that counts when it comes to assessing the integrity of your new property.

8 Tips And Tricks to Avoid Unexpected Home Problems

Home Insulation1. Check periodically to make sure all of your windows close properly. If you went to the trouble to invest in a well-insulated home, then there is no sense in having warm or cold air leaking through windows that are not flush with the sill, stiff or that have blocked or broken mechanisms.

2. Are all banisters and staircases secure? If staircase steps rock or if banisters are pulling loose from the wall then be sure to repair them as fast as possible before somebody has an accident. Be sure to check front and back porch steps and railings to help prevent a fall.

3. Clean all of your air vents, dryer vents and HVAC components at least twice a year. Most homeowners do this every fall and spring. Sometimes you can do this yourself, but quite often if it is best done by professionals, especially if you are attempting to clean the delicate condenser coils that are inside of an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner4. Flip every switch in the house every couple of weeks to make sure that everything works. If a bulb is missing then replace it. If you notice fuse or connection problems, then make sure that you call an electrician before the problem becomes a chronic issue.

5. Check your basement, kitchen, and bathroom for signs of cockroach, mouse or rat droppings. It is important to catch this type of issue early by calling a pest exterminator.

6. Check your eaves troughs for obstructions, such as bird’s nests. Clear out any leaves or debris gathering in the trough as well.

If you fail to do this regularly, water can fill the troughs and spill over the sides and down the sides of your house into the foundation. This then causes your basement to flood, and a sump-pump may be required to get the water out.

Home Inspection7. Take the time to regularly clear out all drains on your premises including the basement and laundry room drains, shower drains and sink drains. It is also a good idea to clean any outdoor drains or ones in pools and fountains.

8. Check any city sewers that are in front of your home. This is especially important in the autumn when the drains can be covered with fallen leaves. If this is the case, you can clear the debris away by raking the leaves.

If the issue seems to be something caught in the sewer pipes like a dead animal, garbage or large toy you might have to call your city maintenance crew in to help you clear it.

Remember, taking care of your home in Manchester, NH is an ongoing process that requires constant upkeep, by either you or a licensed or certified professional.